Be Heard. Public Affairs for the Modern Era.

We develop and execute strategic campaigns for prominent businesses, non-profits, policy and advocacy groups, and political candidates and organizations.

Our diverse team of professionals brings cross cultural, multi-disciplinary and bi-partisan experience and solutions to complex problems in the private and public sectors.

Converge GPS offers the following suite of services, blending cutting edge strategy and tools with uncommon discipline and experience.

Public Affairs

Public affairs is a necessary supplement to lobbying and issue advocacy today. Rapid advancements in media and communication platforms have rendered obsolete traditional methods of advancing ideas. Converge GPS deploys a multi-disciplinary approach to public affairs that crosses the realms of public relations, data analysis, social media, technology and political campaign strategy.

Political Fundraising

Converge GPS’s bipartisan team of partners and staff work at the highest levels of electoral politics and have brought record-breaking success to fundraising initiatives. Whether your fundraising goals are in the millions or tens of millions, we’ve been there and done it. In addition to traditional high-dollar fundraising efforts, we can help implement cutting edge digital fundraising strategies through email, social media and texting.

Crisis Communications

Navigating a public relations crisis of any magnitude can be extremely trying, and is almost always made worse when you attempt to do so without experienced counsel to guide you through the process. In times of crisis, the professionals at Converge GPS have delivered steady hands and cool heads when our clients most needed to manage rapid news cycles and what showed up on the front page.

Digital Strategy & Management

You might think Facebook is for connecting with grandparents, Twitter is for the President and Instagram is for sharing photos of dinner. The truth is social media and other Internet platforms have become the most powerful methods of mass influence. The challenge is managing these powerful tools for a powerful and effective campaign. Converge GPS brings a disciplined yet creative style to digital persuasion, tailored to your goals, your budget and your organizational culture.

Political Campaigns & Issue Consulting

Not all public policy decisions are made by elected lawmakers. In cases where public officials fail to act, refuse to bear responsibility for a particular action, or the law prohibits them from taking action, direct democracy comes into play. When the stakes are high, Converge GPS brings clarity and control to campaigns affecting votes for charters and ordinances, major zoning and land-use decisions, and constitutional referenda.

Grassroots & Grasstops Management

We know how to build the ground game and deliver the air support. We have successfully managed local, state and national efforts to build grassroots, influencer and coalition support for our clients’ advocacy goals.

We are a firm of extraordinary individuals with a unique blend of talent and experience.